Do you know how to code, you do graphics, make music, would you be able to come up with your own computer game? Then why wait, get a team together and try to make one in a weekend. The theme to work on will be announced at the beginning!

Bratislava Game Jam is a contest of coders, screenwriters, graphic designers, philosophers and illustrators whose task is to make a video game prototype in one weekend. Individuals and interdisciplinary teams will get a space to test their audacious game design along with their skills. The particular theme to work on will be revealed at the start of the event. It will take place online 5. 11. - 6. 11. 2021. Participants of BGJ21 will vote for the best game among themselves.

Bratislava Game Jam 2021 is the seventh year of our game jam.

Results of previous years: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015

Basic Info

  • Every attendee needs a free BGJ21 ticket.
  • The games created during the jam will remain the intellectual property of their creators. The event organiser Mladý pes reserves the right to use the games for promotional purposes.
  • One team will get a chance to present their game on ANTI-DYSTOPIAN CONGRESS.
  • The main communication channel is our Discord.
  • There is no time reserved for matchmaking during BGJ21. If you look for a team, or team members, please use our Discord.
  • At BGJ21, we value experiment, innovative approaches and the joy of creation. Don't be affraid to try new things.



  • Teams are made beforehand, max. 4 people.
  • Each attendee must get a free BGJ21 ticket.
  • The topic will be announced in a live stream on the start of the jam.
  • Video games may be done for any platform or operating system.
  • A game is suitable for evaluation if it is at least in a form of a functioning prototype.
  • The created prototypes will be submitted to evaluation through To submit a game, you first need to create an account there.
  • Only attendees with the free BGJ21 ticket will get a link to the private jam.
  • Submission deadline: Sunday, Nov 7, 18:00
  • Attendees of BGJ21 choose the winner by voting by Saturday, Nov 13, 22:00.


Streda, 3. 11. 2021 - warm-up meetup, Nová Cvernovka

facebook event
19:00 - 22:00talks, matchmaking, socializing

Friday, 5. 11. 2021

17:00opening, theme announcement
17:30game jam start

Saturday, 6. 11. 2021

00:00 - 24:00working

Sunday 7. 11. 2021

18:00deadline for game submissions



Media partners

Event organizer


Ľubica Fandl Drangová
0902 715 632


Števka Lovasová
+421 915 170 233