Results of Bratislava Game Jam 2017

The theme of Bratislava Game Jam 2017 was Computer controlled society. Our attendees expressed their views on how would life in such society look like. Individual games worked with artifical intelligence, influencing elections, computer security, social media and reflection of video game design built on maximization of time spent playing the game. The fact, that our attendees shown how to combine critical thinking with spectacular technical, design and artistic proficiency directly by creating a video game makes us incredibly happy.


Main prize of Bratislava Game Jam 2017


Team: Nohavmede

Clicker type game about Skinner the rat who lives in his box. He loves a casual play and rewards, unaware that he is the one who is being played with.


Best aesthetic experience


Team: Mega Z

Point and click adventure. Help robotic housewife take revenge against her owner!


Attendee choice

Last Phone

Team: Jánošíkové Gule

A game about 4 people fighting for the last phone.


Honorable mentions

Honorable mention for educational potential

Data Hunt

Team: Vypasené Holuby

People store most of their data on computers these days and corporations want their data. You are here to help the corporations.


Honorable mention for gameplay

Walking Hack

Team: Testicle Twisters

Hack people to control them as smartphone zombies in a multiplayer battle to conquer the current smartphone dominated society.


Honorable mention for the idea


Team: Vroom!

We live in the age of Social Media. But our computer–mediated interactions can be overwhelming. How much social pressure can YOU take?
A game for HTC Vive.


Honorable mention for aesthetics

Silent Slaver

Team: Gejm

Player as AI, is rigging infrastructure of little Darkweb town to get to some human slaves.


Honorable mention for aesthetics

Hands of Justice

Team: TEDi Games

In the future, currupted politicians are not tolerated and are replaced by robots. Thus ultimately the computers control the society.
A game for HTC Vive.


Honorable mention for aesthetics

The Last Two

Team: Gloomy Pigeon

You wake up and there are robots in the streets. Let’s get to the bottom of this.
We’ll add the link in a while.


Other games

Party For John

Team: TOFF Games

Unplug your neighbours from their electronic devices so they leave modern technology behind and all come to a birthday party of your little neighbour John who’s turning 6 in few days.



Team: 3+1

You are a young AI in training tasked with sorting people into roles in a society based on their coded value.



Team: iddqd

Game about not letting a person leave his computer at any cost. You play as a computer sending him notifications



Team: Junáci

A parody of the 80’s sci-fi action movies. The game takes place in a dystopian “future” where society has been enslaved by computers and your goal is to fight in order to defeat the computers.



Team: CmdSpace

Investigate the uncommon fault of AI that controls a smart city.


Safe Space

Team: Fúzelníci

A game about reducing loss after an anonymous hacker breaches into your company network.


Dreams of Kyberia

Team: BeerMeisters

An ordinary day in Computer controlled society gone wrong.


People on Fall

Team: Dancing Ferrets

A game about preventing computer controlled society from developing.


A big thank you to our partners, without whom the event would not take place.